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Agency-Wide Personal Identity Verification

A large civilian agency needed to respond to a presidential directive that required all government employees and contractors be issued smart card identity badges. Before cards could be issued, however, all identities had to be verified. The directive set a very aggressive schedule for compliance. 

Synfusion worked closely with the agency’s program executive to assess the current state of processes and systems. We soon realized that significant changes to security policies, practices, and systems would be required to meet the directive. 

We worked with a cross-functional team of stakeholders to leverage this opportunity to address agency-wide Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) with a consistent framework that could be sustained to support future requirements. Synfusion worked with the core team of stakeholders to develop policies, role definitions, a business architecture, workflows, and system release plans. 

New systems were successfully deployed, and the agency was publicly recognized for meeting its deadlines and issuing smart card badges to over 80,000 individuals. Many of the agency’s architectural innovations have since been adopted at the federal level.


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