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We are Architects of Strategic Innovation℠. As architects, our conversation focuses on integration — bringing together a program’s resources to deliver value, while reducing risk and cost. Our process allows us to clearly define purpose and direction, develop blueprints to guide the way, measure progress, and implement a strong management and communication discipline to propel innovation and transformation.

Our consultants are highly experienced professionals who select and apply the most appropriate best practices to create value through integration — such as Strategy Formulation, Enterprise Architecture, Program and Project Management, Strategic Communications, Business Intelligence, and Business Process Management. 

Assessment Services. Whether you need to understand why your program is underperforming or are unsure if you are ready to create a new program, an assessment is the place to start.  We use a multi-dimensional assessment instrument to analyze goals and strategies, polices, products/services, processes, staffing, communications, and systems. We can usually complete an assessment — including detailed findings and recommendations — in 30 to 60 days.

Architecture Services. Architecture services provide a clear and comprehensive picture of a program’s future state. We use visualization and socialization techniques to co-create the design of an innovative new program or the future design of an existing program to address strategic or systemic challenges. You’ll get a set of blueprints that describes how to improve services and processes, make knowledge actionable, and/or reduce program costs and risks.

Planning Services. Implementing a new program or a series of program changes can be complex. Planning services determine the gap between the program’s current and future states, and they co-create a roadmap for bridging the gap. We begin by defining the required changes and the roles and actions of stakeholders required to complete the transformation. In addition, we plan how to socialize the transformation in a way that motivates stakeholders, and we specify the methods that are used to facilitate and measure progress. The result is a clearly-defined roadmap and plan for arriving at the program’s future state.

Transformation Services. Transformation services help you manage the transformation process, whether you are building a new program or changing an existing one. We work closely with the program executive or manager to monitor progress, recalibrate the plan to address challenges that occur along the way, and facilitate effective communications with program stakeholders to address their concerns. 



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